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was too much about him. larry king was like a piece of furniture. but piers made the show about him. and i think that when you do that, people really have to like you or they're going to really dislike you. >> i've heard kinder descriptions of larry. he was a good interviewer. >> he was a good interviewer. that's the point. >> i know. what about this notion, i mean, certainly, don lemon of cnn increasingly giving voice about what seemed to be liberal opinions. the whole idea of cnn becoming more opinionates. >> cable news is becoming more opinionated. cnn was on the low end of a survey done last year, 4r5%, but they seem to be going 340r and more in that direction. more people are getting the news from their phone. people want perspective. i think jeff zucker sees that and they want to give perspective on what's going on. >> briefly, joe, what was the show? piers morgan started out as a celebrity interviewer, they know but it never seemed to have quite an identity, did it? >> no. and that's a big key, howie. you have to have a specific brand as to what your show is. larry king had that. tv
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)